L298N Dual Motor Controller Module

Stepper Motor Driver (Red)
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 L298N Dual Motor Controller Module Specification

Operating Voltage: up to 46V Total DC Current: up to 4A On-Board 5V regulator, LM7805 able to provide current up to 500mA-1000mA Maximum Power: 24W Peak Non-Repetitive Output Current (t = 100µS) : 3A Peak Repetitive Output Current (80% ON, 20% OFF, tON=10mS) : 2.5A Peak Continuous Output Current : 2A Typical Logic Supply Voltage : 5V Maximum Supply Voltage : 46V On-Board filter capacitors On-Board protection diodes Over Temperature Protection
This driver module is made using L298N, a high current, high voltage dual full bridge driver manufactured by ST company. It is designed to accept standard TTL voltage levels and to drive inductive loads such as DC Motors, Stepper Motors, Relays, and Solenoids. This Dual H-Bridge driver is capable of driving voltages up to 46V and continuous current up to 2A in each channel.

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