TP5100 2A Lithium Battery Charging Module

TP5100 Single 4.2V & Double 8.4V AAA AA Lithium Li-Ion Battery Charger Module
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TP5100 2A Lithium Battery Charging Module Specification

TP5100 is a double switch buck 8.4V, single cell 4. 2V lithium battery charge management chip. Its ultra-compact QFN16 package and simple external circuit, making TP5100 ideal for portable equipment so large current charging management applications. Meanwhile, TP5100 built—in input over-current, under-voltage protection, over temperature protection, short
circuit protection, battery temperature monitoring, reverse battery protection.
 TP5100 have 5V*18V wide input voltage, dual battery trickle charge into pre—charge, constant current, constant voltage three phase, pre—charge current trickle charge current through an external resistor adjustment, the maximum charge current up to 2A. TP5l00 with a frequency of 400kHz switching mode makes it possible to use a smaller outer Suo device and
the large current charging still maintain a smaller amount of heat.
TP5100 built-in power PMOSFET, anti-intrusion circuit, so no anti-intrusion protection and other external Schottky diode.

* Double 8.4v / 4.2v lithium rechargeable single
* Programmable charge current 0.1A-2A
* Programmable steady precharge current 10% -100%.
* Wide operating voltage, maximum reach 18V
* Red and green LED charge status indicator
* Chip temperature protection, overcurrent protection, undervoltage protection
* Battery temperature protection, reverse battery shutdown, short circuit protection
* Switching frequency 400Khz, usable inductance 20uH and more
* PWR_ON Power battery for switching control

Maximum Ratings: 
* Static input supply voltage (VlN): 20v
* BAI: -8.4v-20v
* BAT short-cireuit Duration: Continuous
* operating environment Temperature range: -40    Celsius  – 85  Celsius
* Storage temperature range: -65 “C – 125  Celsius

* Portable equipment, various chargers
* Smartphone, FDA, mobile cellular telephone
* MP4,MP5 players, tablets
* HM
* Power Tools
* Walkie-talkie


  • Color: Any
  • Size: 25x17x5mm
  • Input voltage: DC 5-18V (5V-12V is appropriate)
  • Charging state: Full and no load: Blue light; ;During charging: Red light
  • Chip: TP5100


  • TP5100 charge management power module 2A charging board voltage
    regulator, compatible with 4.2V8.4V single and double cell lithium battery
  • Size: 25 * 17 * 5mm
  • Voltage: 5-18V DC power supply (5-12v is preferred)
  • Indicator status: red when charging, blue when fully charged
  • Short circuit reminder: When using two batteries for charging, please use a charger above 9V (9-12V)
  • Prompt: If you need to charge two batteries, please connect the two shorted