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Analog Voltmeter (Mini)

91L16 AC 0-300V Analog Voltmeter

Mini Digital Voltmeter

LED Digital Tube Mini Voltmeter DC 0-100V 3-Wire Voltage Tester Gauge

Li-Po Battery Voltage Tester

1-8S LiPo Battery Voltage Tester

DT266 Digital Clamp Multimeter

DT266 Digital LCD Clamp Meter 1999 Counts AC DC Voltage Current Resistance Meter Tester with Storage

Digital Multimeter VC9205A

Digital Multi-meter (DMM)

Digital Multimeter (UT33B)

Digital Multimeter UNI-T UT33B

Digital Multimeter (UT33B+)

UNI-T UT33B+ Palm Size Multimeter
৳1020.2 ৳ 1090.2

Digital Multimeter (UT33D+)

Uni-T UT33D+ Palm Size Digital Multimeter

Gravity: Analog pH Sensor / Meter Kit

Analog pH meter for Arduino
৳2499.6 ৳ 2590.6

Hantek 6022BL Digital Portable Oscilloscope

Hantek 6022BL USB-based 2-Channel Oscilloscop with 16-CHs Logic Analyzer
৳6990.9 ৳ 7190.9