Shiledz V.1 (Super Pack)

Specially Customized Shield Package
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Shiledz V.1 (Super Pack) Specification

Shieldz V.1 Specs:It supports:One Arduino NanoOne pair DC motor with PWM ControlOne Servo MotorOne Ultrasonic Sonar SensorOne HC-05 Bluetooth ModuleTB6612FNG Dual Motor DriverOne small breadboardPower: 12V (Max.)Dimension: 9cmx10cm (w x b)Package Includes:Shieldz V.1- 1Arduino Nano- 12WD Car Chassis- 1 Micro Servo Motor (SG-90)- 1Ultrasonic Sonar Sensor HC-SR04- 1HC-05 Bluetooth Module- 1TB6612FNG Dual Motor Driver- 1Mini breadboard- 1Wild Scorpion 900 mAh Li-Po Battery- 1Imax B3 Pro Li-Po Charger- 1
Wires are a must to build any circuit! However, working with them and keeping track of them is not easy at all. It often wastes a lot of valuable time. Ever wonder how much time it would save if you can make the circuit without messing up with wires? This shield is for those who want a wire-free circuit board and in a compact size as well. This board can hold many common modules of robotics. Additionally, it is properly labeled for hassle-free use! It is also very easy to customize as you can use a breadboard if needed.This package is for our beloved innovators who just want to focus on cognitive skills rather mess with wires!Applications:RC BotLine Follower RobotSoccer BotObject AvoidingServo ControllingCustom Development Robot and many more!

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