Serial I2C LCD Display Adapter

IIC I2C interface LCD Display Module
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Serial I2C LCD Display Adapter Specification

  • Serial IIC I2C Adapter Serial Interface Module/ LCD1602 Adapter Board 
  • 16 x 2 Character LCD display is controlled via just two wires 
  • Up to 8 LCD displays with adapters can be connected and controlled by the same two wire I2C bus 
  • Easy to control using Arduino board 
  • Compatible with 16 x 2 character LCD displays 
  • The adapter includes 16-PIN male header connector for soldering to the LCD display 
  • Contrast is adjusted via onboard potentiometer 
  • The backlight may be turned on/off via jumper 
  • Standard 5V voltage supply
Serial I2C LCD display adapter converts parallel based 16 x 2 character LCD display into a serial I2C LCD that can be controlled through just 2 wires. Adapter uses PCF8574 chip that serves as I/O expander that communicates with Arduino or any other microcontroller by using I2C protocol. A total of 8 LCD displays can be connected to the same two wire I2C bus with each board having a different address. The default i2C address is 0X27 and may be changed to any of the following 0X20~0X27 via soldering A0 A1 A2 pins.

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