Robot Car Chassis (Set)

Robotic Chassis (2 Wheel) Kits
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Robot Car Chassis (Set) Specification

Chassis Specification:
Dimensions: 21.0cm x 15cm x 6.5 cm(L x W x H) approx.
Chassis thickness: 2.8 mm
Carrying Capacity: 2-wheel drive
Powered by: 4 x AA batteries (not included)
DC motor specification:
Rated Voltage: 3-6V DC.
Gear Motor rotation speed: 125 RPM
Load current: 190 mA (250 mA MAX).
Maximum torque: 800 g. cm min.
Wheel specification:
Width: 30mm
Diameter: 65mm
Package Weight: 600g
2 Wheel Drive Robot Chassis (robot platform) with Motors, wheels, a ball caster, motor mounts, matching set of screws, battery compartment, nuts, and standoffs. It's great for starting your journey of Robotics!
Package Includes:
1. 2 x Yellow Rubber tires
2. 2 x DC gear motors
3. 2 x Aluminum fasteners
4. 1 x Ball caster
5. 1 x Chassis
6. 1 x Battery Holder (4 x AA batteries, not included)
7. 1 x Screw Driver (Flat + Star) (May not be included, depends on manufacturer)
8. Nuts and Bolts