FlySky FS-CT6B Transmitter Pack (Original)

FS-CT6B 2.4GHz 6CH Transmitter with Receiver FS-R6B
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FlySky FS-CT6B Transmitter Pack (Original) Specification

  • Channels: 6
  • Model Type: Fixed-Wing/Glider/Helicopter
  • RF Range: 2.4055-2.475GHz
  • RF power: <20dBm>
  • RF Channel: 140
  • Bandwidth: 500KHz
  • 2.4GHz system: AFHDS
  • Modulation Type: GFSK Stick
  • Resolution:1024
  • Low Voltage Warning: <9V>
  • DSC Port: PS2 PPM
  • Chargeable: Yes
  • Antenna Length: 26mm
  • Power: 12V DC 1.5AA*8
  • Display: LED Indicators
  • On-Line Update: No
  • Color: Black
  • Certificate: CE0678, FCC
  • Weight: 511g
  • Size: 189*97*295mm

Receiver Specs: Please visit here.

Package Includes:

  • FS-CT6B Transmitter
  • FS-R6B Receiver
  • Bind Cable
  • Instructions (CD)
  • Download Cable

An entry level transmitter that offers the reliability of 2.4GHz signal technology. Never again do you have to worry about what frequency others are using. It requires a PC to change the channel variables, mixing and servo reversing.

Installation guide:

1. Install the batteries in the transmitter.

2. Insert the jumper to the Bat port of the receiver.

3. Connect the receiver battery to any one of the channel- ports. Note: at the same time there are two LED’s flashing meaning the receivers are going into bind status.

4. Press and hold the Bind button on the transmitter, and then switch on the transmitter.

5. Observe the LED on the receiver. When the LED stops flashing, the bind was successful. (This process about 10 seconds)

6. Release the Bind button on the transmitter and remove the jumper and receiver battery.

7. Install a servo and receiver battery and then test.

8. If the tests fail, please repeat steps 1-7.

Notes: The negative pin is on the short side of the receiver (i.e. The signal is toward the center of the receiver).

[N.B: A Mode 2 (left-hand throttle) will be given by default, you can change to Mode 1 by yourself if you need. Use proper precautions while using it. We are not liable for any kind of unwanted circumstances.]