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5 Pin 3.5mm Stereo Audio Jack
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Audio Plug Specification

5 Pin 3.5mm Stereo Audio Jack Socket PCB Panel Mount for Headphone With Nut PJ-324M


  • Standard 3.5mm Audio Female Socket
  • Dual channel Audio Support
  • Rugged and inexpensive
  • No latency
  • 5 pin output

3.5mm Audio Jacks are the most commonly used audio output connectors which are used widely in microphones, earphones and headphones all around the world. Even though recent shift to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi audio streaming devices, 3.5mm audio jacks are still very popular due to their easy-to-use applications and almost nil latency while playing any audio file which is very necessary when you are playing an online game like PUBG, COD where real time audio is critical and having latency can mean your defeat. This 3.5mm Audio Female Stereo Socket - 5 Pin is female socket in which you can connect any male 3.5mm jack connector to give audio input to your DIY project like voice recognition program and audio control projects. This has rugged plastic construction and good electrical connections characteristics. It can tap in the signals like ground, stereo left and stereo right from an audio jack and provide it out through its pins. This 3.5mm Audio Socket supports two channel audio.

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