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1N5819 (Schottky Diode)

Schottky diode 1N5819 40V 1A
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1N5819 (Schottky Diode) Specification

1.0A Schottky Barrier Rectifier
Peak Repetitive Reverse Voltage: 40V
Working Peak Reverse Voltage: 40V
DC Blocking Voltage: 40V
RMS Reverse Voltage: 28V
Average Rectified Output Current: 1A
The 1N5818/ 1N5819 axial leaded Schottky rectifier has been optimized for very low forward voltage drop, with moderate leakage. Typical applications are in switching power supplies, converters, free-wheeling diodes, and reverse battery protection.
Low profile, axial leaded outline
High purity, high-temperature epoxy encapsulation for enhanced mechanical strength and moisture resistance
Very low forward voltage drop
High-frequency operation
Guard ring for enhanced ruggedness and long term reliability

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