RF Transmitter Receiver Pair

433MHz RF Transmitter-Receiver Pair (FS1000A)
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RF Transmitter Receiver Pair Specification

Receiver Module Specifications: Operating Voltage: DC 5V Quiescent Current: 4mA Receiving Frequency: 433.92MHz Receiver sensitivity: -105DB Antenna: 32cm solid core spiral wound Pinout from left to right: (VCC, DATA, GND)Transmitter Module Specifications: Launch distance: 20 - 200 meters (higher voltage yields better results) Operating voltage: 3.3V - 12V Operating mode: AM Transfer rate: 4KB / S Transmitting power: 10mW Transmitting frequency: 433MHz Antenna: 25cm solid core spiral wound Pinout from left to right: (DATA, VCC, GND)
This Radio Transmitter & Receiver pair is perfectly matched to allow you to control items from a distance up to 500 feet wirelessly! Connect the transmitter to your Arduino, Raspberry Pi or other microcontroller and the receiver to whatever you'd like to control. Both the transmitter and receiver are in tune to the same Radio Frequency so that when the transmitter emits a signal, the receiver will hear it wirelessly. Great for easy and simple wireless control! Arduino & Raspberry Pi 2 / 3/ 3B / B+ / A+ Compatible!

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