PWM Signal Generator Module

PWM Board Module Pulse Frequency Duty Cycle Adjustable Module 1Hz-150Khz with LCD Display
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PWM Signal Generator Module Specification

DESCRIPTIONThe PWM Signal Generator Module combines an accurate 0-150kHz PWM generator with pushbutton controls and LCD display that shows frequency and duty cycle.PACKAGE INCLUDES:XY-LPWM or HW-753 PWM Signal Generator ModuleKEY FEATURES OF PWM SIGNAL GENERATOR MODULE:0-150kHz output frequency range0-100% duty cycle3-30V operation and output pulse amplitudeSimple pushbutton interfaceLCD display of frequency and duty cycle5-30mA maximum current outputSerial TTL interface, 3.3V logic compatible.This is a nice little module that can be used as a flexible square wave generator for conducting experiments, testing and controlling devices that require a PWM input.  Having the display and simple pushbutton interface makes it easy to set.  Adding an output driver allows it to drive motors, solenoids, servos, dim LEDs and other pulse applications.
Module Features:Output of three-channel PWM at the same time, Adjustable frequency, 3-channel frequency output consistent, duty ratio can be adjusted independently, suitable for most occasionsLCD can control frequency and duty ratio, easy to operate;Wide frequency range, high precision;Support serial operation 

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