PICkit 3 PIC Microcontroller Programmer

PICkit3 Debugger Programmer Emulator PIC Controller Package
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PICkit 3 PIC Microcontroller Programmer Specification

• USB (Full speed 12 Mbits/s interface to host PC)
• Real-time execution
• MPLAB IDE compatible (free copy included)
• Built-in over-voltage/short circuit monitor
• Firmware upgradeable from PC/web download
• Totally enclosed
• Supports low voltage to 2.0 volts (2.0v to 6.0v range)
• Diagnostic LEDs (power, busy, error)
• Read/write program and data memory of microcontroller
• Erase of program memory space with verification
• Freeze-peripherals at breakpoint
• Program up to 512K byte flash with the Programmer-to-Go

Package Contents: 
*One PICkit 3 
*One USB Cable 
*M-M Jumper Wire (6 pieces) 
*CD (sometimes it may not be included)

The PICkit 3 allows debugging and programming of PIC(R) and dsPIC(R) Flash microcontrollers using the powerful graphical user interface of the MPLAB Integrated Development Environment (IDE), and it does this all at a most affordable price point. It can program a large range of PIC chips, including the PIC10F, 12F, 16F, PIC18F, 24F/H, dsPIC and PIC32 (future) families. Additionally it is firmware upgradeable, and Microchip regularly releases new firmware to support new PIC chips. Included in this package is the PICKit 3 Programmer/Debugger, PICkit 3 Programming Software(via download), the MPLAB IDE Software(via download), and an A to mini-B USB cable. Please note that this is the PICkit 3 programmer only (Microchip part number PG164130), and does not include any demo boards! Microchip part number PG164130. For details, see product page on Microchip's site.

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