Precision Temperature Sensor
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LM35 Specification

LM35 TO-92 TEMPERATURE SENSOR Supply Voltage: +35V to -0.2V Output Voltage: +6V to -1.0V Output Current: 10 mA Calibrated directly in o Celsius (Centigrade) 0.5oC accuracy guaranteeable (at +25oC) Linear + 10.0 mV/oC scale factor Rated for full ?55o to +150oC range Suitable for remote applications Low cost due to wafer-level trimming Operates from 4 to 30 V Less than 60 uA current drain Low self-heating, 0.08oC in still air Nonlinearity only ±1/4o C typical Low impedance output, 0.1 W for 1 mA load
The LM35 is a high precision temperature sensor. It has an analog output, which is linearly proportional to the surrounding temperature. Just hook it up to a ADC pin on your microcontroller to get temperature readings.

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