IC 7448

7448 BCD to 7-Segment Decoder Driver IC
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IC 7448 Specification

Description: 7448 SN74HC48N 74HC48 74LS48 DIP 16 Pin ICThe ‘LS48 translates four lines of BCD (8421) input data into the 7-segment numeral code and provides seven corresponding outputs having pull-up resistors, as opposed to totem pole pull-ups. These outputs can serve as logic signals, with a HIGH output corresponding to a lighted lamp segment, or can provide a 1.3 mA base current to npn lamp driver transistors. Auxiliary inputs provide lamp test, blanking and cascad able zero-suppression functions. The ‘LS48 decodes the input data in the pattern indicated in the Truth Table and the segment identification illustration.Specification:Supply Voltage(Maximum):7VSupply Voltage(Recommended):5.25VOperating Free air temperature range:0ºC to 70ºC

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