FTDI USB to UART TTL Converter FT232RL

FT232RL 3.3V 5.5V FTDI USB to TTL Serial Adapter Module
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  • Chip: FT232RL
  • Draw out all signal port of FT232RL chip
  • RXD / TXD transceiver communication indicator
  • USB power supply can choose 5V or 3.3V, set by jumper
  • With overcurrent protection, using 500mA self-restore fuse
  • Pin definition: DTR, RXD, TX, VCC, CTS, GND
  • Pitch: 2.54mm
  • Size: 36 x 18mm (L x W)
  • Interface: Mini USB
USB to Serial Converter Module is based on the integrated circuit FT232RL. Most times, the module is used to connect to a computer or microcontroller development boards.The product converts signals from protocol to protocol Serial USB and vice versa. The chip is equipped with can work both on 3.3V logic level, and on the 5V.The chip can work on a wide range of baudrate sites. Do not forget to install the necessary drivers on your computer.The module has already stuck the USB socket, so it can be directly connected to the computer.

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