DIP Switch (8 bit)

8 bit DIP Switch
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Type: 8 Way Slide Style
Poles: 8 x 2 Pin(2 rows)
Pitch: 2.54mm
Non-Switching Rating: 100mA DC 50V
DIP switch can be defined as an array of simple two terminal On-Off electromechanical switches (Single Pole Single Throw) that are commonly used in electricity operations. The word DIP is an acronym for Dual In-line Package which means that the electrical contacts are in two rows. DIP switches are surface mountable and are used in those applications where multiple numbers of switches are involved in output generation. For instance, in a universal remote control, the DIP switch is used to set the frequency according to the device that is being operated. On a computer motherboard, DIP switches help in optimizing the clock speed and configuration settings according to the type of processor mounted. Depending on the number of miniature switches in the array and the application, DIP switches can be rotary, slide contact, rocker contact etc. Let us explore the skeletal innards of one such device.

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