DC Socket

2.1mm DC Barrel Power Jack/Connector
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Barrel-Type DC Power Jack
PCB Mountable
Suitable for 5.5mm jack, with a 2.1mm center pole diameter.
3 Pin Contact
RoHS: Yes
DC power jack/connector. This is a common barrel-type power jack for DC wall supplies. These are compatible with our DC wall supplies and have a 5.5mm jack, with a 2.1mm center pole diameter. If you want to supply your circuit with DC power with an adapter, this socket is a good choice for you. This is a 3 pin PCB mount type DC socket, also known as DC barrel jack. It can withstand up to 16V. The current capacity of this socket is approximately 2.5A. This one has been used in our TechPIC and TechAVR development boards, Breadboard Power Supply stick and many more.