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Ceramic Capacitor 101 (100pF/10nF)

100pf/10nF 50V Capacitor

Ceramic Capacitor (470pF) 471J

470pF Capacitor Mini Ceramic Capacitor 471 470pF 50v Ceramic Disc Capacitor Non-Polarized Through Ho

Ceramic Capacitor 220 (22pF)

22pf/0.02nF 50V Capacitor

Ceramic Capacitor 470 (47 pF)

47pF 50V Capacitor

Ceramic Capacitor (33 pF)

33pF 50V ceramic capacitor

1uF Capacitor (50V)

1uF 50V Capacitor

20nf Ceramic Capacitors

20nf capacitor

68 uF Ceramic Capacitor

68nf capacitor

.33uf / 33k Ceramic Capacitors

.33uf ceramic capacitors

33nf / 33000pf / 333k Ceramic Capacitors

33nf ceramic capacitors

10nf Ceramic Capacitors

10nf capacitors

10uf Capacitor (16V)

10 uf 16v Capacitor

220 uF 25V

25V 220 uF Capacitor

100 uF (25 v)

25 v 100 uF capacitor

22 uF Capacitor

50V 22uF Electrolytic capacitor

4.7uf (50V)

4.7uf 50v capacitor

0.1uf (50v)

0.1uf 50v capacitor

3.3uf (50V)

3.3uf 50v capacitor

33uf (50V)

33uf 50v capacitor

Ceramic Capacitor 102 (1nF)

1nF 100 v capacitor

10uf Capacitor (25V)

10uf 25v Capacitor

10uf Capacitor (50V)

10uf 50V Capacitor

Ceramic Capacitor 473 (0.047 uF)

0.047uF 50V Capacitor

100uf (50V)

100uf 50v capacitor

Capacitor Price in Bangladesh

When it comes to electronic devices and electrical circuits, capacitors play a crucial role. They store and release electrical energy, smoothing out voltage fluctuations and enabling efficient operation. If you're in Bangladesh and looking to purchase capacitors, it's essential to have an understanding of the capacitor market and the factors that influence pricing. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide on capacitor price in Bangladesh, exploring the key determinants and offering valuable insights for buyers.

A capacitor is an electronic component that stores and releases electrical energy. It consists of two conductive plates separated by a dielectric material. When a voltage is applied, charge accumulates on the plates, storing energy. Capacitors come in various sizes, voltage ratings, and capacitance values, making them versatile for different applications.

There are several types of capacitors available in the market, each with its own characteristics and applications. The most common types include electrolytic capacitors, ceramic capacitors, tantalum capacitors, film capacitors, and variable capacitors. Each type has unique properties and is suitable for specific circuit requirements.

Capacitor Price in BD

The price range of capacitors in Bangladesh can vary significantly depending on the type and specifications. On average, capacitor price in bd starting from as low as 10 Bangladeshi Taka (BDT) and going up to several thousand BDT for specialized capacitors. It's crucial to consider your budget and the specific needs of your application while selecting a capacitor.

The price of capacitors can vary based on several factors. Some of the key determinants include capacitance value, voltage rating, capacitor type, brand reputation, and market demand. Capacitors with higher capacitance values and voltage ratings generally cost more. Additionally, branded capacitors may have a higher price tag due to their quality and reliability.

List of capacitor price in bd

If you're looking for a list of capacitor price in bd, you're in luck! There are many reputable retailers and online marketplaces that sell capacitors, accessories, and components. Here are a few options to consider:

Product Name Price BDT Click to Buy
10uf Capacitor (16V) ৳2.9 Buy Now
22 uF Capacitor ৳3.1 Buy Now
Ceramic Capacitor 102 (1nF) ৳3.41 Buy Now
10uf Capacitor (50V) ৳3.5 Buy Now
10uf Capacitor (50V) ৳3.5 Buy Now
10uf Capacitor (25V) ৳3.5 Buy Now
Ceramic Capacitor 473 ৳3.6 Buy Now
0.01 uF Ceramic Capacitor ৳3.61 Buy Now
Variable Capacitor (Trimmer) ৳14.8 Buy Now
0.1uF 630V Capacitor ৳7.9 Buy Now
2200uf 50v capacitor ৳26.2 Buy Now

What is capacitor

A capacitor is an electronic component that stores and releases electrical energy in an electrical circuit. It is designed to store electric charge temporarily. It consists of two conductive plates, typically made of metal, separated by a dielectric material, which is an insulator that prevents direct electrical contact between the plates.

When a voltage is applied across the plates of a capacitor, an electric field is established between them. This causes electrons to accumulate on one plate while an equal number of electrons are displaced from the other plate, creating a potential difference or voltage across the capacitor. The capacitor stores energy in the electric field created between the plates.

What is capacitor used for

Capacitors have a wide range of applications in electronic and electrical systems. They are essential components that serve various purposes. One common application is energy storage, where capacitors store electrical energy and release it as needed. They are commonly found in devices like camera flashes, defibrillators, and power supplies, providing quick bursts of energy. Capacitors also play a crucial role in filtering and smoothing electrical signals, ensuring a clean and stable output by removing unwanted noise and stabilizing voltage levels.

They are used in circuits to smooth out fluctuations in signals, resulting in consistent performance. Another important application is timing and oscillation control, where capacitors, along with resistors and other components, determine the timing and frequency of signals in circuits. They are integral in applications like timing delays, oscillators, and frequency generators. Capacitors are also used in power factor correction circuits to improve the efficiency of electrical systems by compensating for reactive power and reducing energy losses. In addition, they are utilized for coupling and decoupling in circuits, allowing the transmission of AC signals while blocking DC signals.

This makes them valuable in audio amplifiers and radio frequency circuits. Capacitors play a significant role in motor starting circuits as well, providing an initial boost of power to overcome motor inertia and ensure smooth operation. Run capacitors further enhance the performance and efficiency of motors. Signal conditioning circuits utilize capacitors to modify or shape electrical signals, removing DC offset, blocking unwanted frequencies, or amplifying specific frequency ranges. Capacitors are integral to the functioning of electronic filters, which use combinations of capacitors, resistors, and inductors to pass or block specific frequencies in applications like audio systems, telecommunications, and data communications. These examples demonstrate the versatility and importance of capacitors in various electronic and electrical systems, with the specific type and characteristics chosen based on the requirements of the specific circuit or system they are implemented in.

Where to buy capacitor in Bangladesh

Capacitors are available at RoboDoc Limited, Dhaka Bangladesh, both online and offline. When purchasing capacitors in Bangladesh, it's important to choose a reputable seller to ensure that you're getting a genuine product.

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