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Buzzer (3-9V) HQ

3-9V Continuous Tone Beeper
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Type: Magnetic Transducer, Self Drive (External Drive with Feedback)
Sound Pressure Level: 82dB
Mounting Type: Through Hole
Frequency: 2.3kHz
Packaging: Tray
Operating Mode: Continuous
Voltage Range: 3 ~ 9V DC
Voltage - Rated: 5V DC
Current Rating: 30mA
Size / Dimension: Circular - 12mm Dia x 7.5mm H
Termination: Solder Pins/Posts
Lead-Free Status: Lead Free
RoHS Status: RoHS Compliant
Also known as Piezo Speakers (buzzers).
Want to generate sound in your project? Try this simple magnetic buzzer. This is the same buzzer we have used in our development boards.This one generates a continuous beep usually when supplied with power but you can generate any tone as you wish by interfacing it with a microcontroller with proper coding. You can also use it for

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