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125KHz RFID Card

EM4100 125 KHz RFID Card
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EM4100 ID card for access control
Material: Top quality PVC
Craft: White
Frequency: 125 KHz
Read range: 10~12cm
2kbps ASK
Manchester encoding
32-bit unique ID
64-bit data stream [Header+ID+Data+Parity]
Operation Temperature: -400C to 850C
Size: ISO Standard size (85.5 x 54 x 1.8mm)
Square coil, read distance is longer than normal ID cards.
It is proximity ID card of 125KHz, EM4100. It has been specially manufactured and packaged to be clean from dust. And you can print any pictures on the PVC blank cards. You can use it with our RDM6300 RFID reader module.

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