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New Products

Component Tester

Component Tester Transistor Diode Capacitance ESR Meter

Voice Recognition Module V3

Voice Recognition Module support maximum 80 voice commands, with each voice 1500ms.

Mono Digital Audio Power Amplifier Board Amp Module

12V-24V TPA3118 60W Mono Digital Audio Power Amplifier Board Amp Module

Monster Motor Driver

30A Monster Moto Shield VNH2SP30 stepper motor driver module 30A for Arduino

Adjustable Boost Module with Display

xl6009 adjustable boost module with display

Buck Boost Module

XL6019 Automatic Buck-boost Module 5V-32V to 1.2V-35V 1.5A DC-DC Adjustable Power Supply Converter 2

Digital Multimeter (UT33D+)

UT33D+ Palm Size Multimeter, UNI-T

SIM800L module Original

Original SIM800L module GPRS GSM micro SIM Core board SIM800

ON/OFF Switch

KC 6A88 250V 2A AC ON/OFF Switch

Screwdriver Set 42 in 1

42 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Repair Tool Kit Multifunction Screwdriver Set

Screwdriver Set 32 in 1

32 in 1 Mini Screwdriver Bits Set with Magnetic Flexible Extension Rod

Micro Servo MG90S

4.8V to 6V (Typically 5V) Micro Servo Motor

Fuse (0.25A)


Fuse (0.5A)

0.5A Fuse

Oscilloscope Probe

Oscilloscope probe

Shiledz V.1- Plug n Play

Specially Customized Wire Free Arduino Shield
৳565 ৳ 599

Shiledz V.1 (Super Pack)

Specially Customized Shield Package
৳3549 ৳ 3805.5

Robotics Pack for Robo101 V.2

Specially Customized Robotics Package
৳2190 ৳ 2520.2

PICkit 3 PIC Microcontroller Programmer

PICkit3 Debugger Programmer Emulator PIC Controller Package
৳1589 ৳ 1850

Basic Robotics Kits Package (with Rechargeable Battery)

Special Robotics Package for Beginners
৳1799 ৳ 1965