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Water Level Control Switch

Long Lasting Liquid Level Sensor, Water Level Controller
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  1. Long-lasting life

  2. Easy to use

    • Contact Rating: 10 W.

    • Switching Voltage: 220 V.

    • Switching Current: 0.5 A.

    • Breakdown Voltage: 220 VDC.

    • Carry Current: 1 A.

    • Contact Resistance: 100 m?.

A float switch is a type of level sensor, a device used to detect the level of liquid within a tank. It is a simple structure, easy to use level control device; moreover, it is neither a complicated circuit nor does it provide power. This switch has a mechanical switch than the average small sized switch.

As long as the material used is in the correct shape and nature of any liquid or pressure, you can control the temperature. Applications of this Switch include shipbuilding industry, generating equipment, petrochemical and food industry, water treatment equipment, dyeing, and finishing industry, and hydraulic machinery.