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MicroSD Card Module for Arduino

Arduino Micro SD Card Breakout Board
৳74.9 ৳ 84.9

DC DC Step Down CA-1235 Buck Converter Power Supply Module

CA-1235 Power Supply Module

DC DC Step Down Buck Converter Power Supply Module

MP1584 0.8-18V 3A DC-DC Adjustable Step-Down Buck Converter

PL2303 USB To RS232 TTL Converter Adapter Module

PL2303HX USB to TTL / USB-TTL / STC Microcontroller Programming Module Upgrade Board

5V 1A Power Adapter

5V DC Power Supply Adapter
৳105.6 ৳ 115.6

Buck Converter LM2596 Step-Down

LM2596 Step-Down Adjustable DC-DC Switching Buck Module

5V 2A Power Adapter

5V 2A Adapter DC Power Supply

Serial I2C LCD Display Adapter

IIC I2C interface LCD Display Module
৳120.5 ৳ 99.5

USB Head Switchboard Male Connector to Type-C Micro Female USB 2.54-4P Transfer Test Board

TYPE-C 2.54mm Micro 4P USB Male to Female Connector Adapter

XL6009 Step-Up Boost Converter

4A XL6009E1 Adjustable DC-DC Boost Converter Module

AC DC 12V 400MA Isolated Power Buck Converter

AC-DC 220V to 12V Step Down Module

12V 2A Power Adapter

12V DC Power Supply Adapter